Weatherspoon anti-drug campaign

I was asked by Mr. Anthony Tidwell of the Ouachita Children’s Center and the Rise Above Alcohol & Drugs (RAAD) Program to take part in an anti-drug ad campaign. According to their website,

Arkansas’ RAAD campaign is a comprehensive statewide effort designed to share drug prevention information with community stakeholders, school leaders, faith-based groups and business leaders alike. The goal of RAAD is to create curriculum and data driven messages engrossed in activity centered around changed behavior.

I am honored to be a part of this awesome initiative. The work of drug prevention is really important, especially for the youth of our community. 

If you look closely behind me, you can see me painted as a part of the mural inspired by ‘Black Broadway,’ a world-renowned, historically black commercial and entertainment  district in Hot Springs in the 20th Century.

The ad campaign was featured on a billboard on US 270 W in Hot Spring County, in The Sentinel Record newspaper, and in The Springs magazine.